About the Download

Transform Any Photo into a Unforgettable Work of Art with Just a Click!

Some photographers are like magicians. We’ve all seen those photos that are of a chair or outdoor scene that just seem so vivid and otherworldly that they couldn’t possibly have been taken with your average camera. Those photographers can take an otherwise dull and lifeless image and magically transform it into a an exciting work of art! One way to achieve that is through Lightroom Presets, a quick and easy way to add some pop to your images.

It’s time to compete with the professionals; get the entire collection for just $49.00!

This Bundle Includes Following Presets:

– Wedding Photography Pro Presets
– Dark Presets-V1
– Lightning Presets
– Premium Light Leak Presets V1
– Premium Mixed Presets
– Junglee Presets
– Landscape Lightroom Presets
– Underwater Lightroom Presets
– Wedding Photography Pro Presets V-2
– Mixed Presets
– Black & White Presets
– Cross Processing Presets
– HDR Pro Lightroom Presets
– Premium Light Leak Presets V2
– Premium Light Leak Presets V-3
– Vintage Film Presets
– Pastel Effect Lightroom Presets
– Retro Lightroom Presets
– Summer Glow Fall Presets
– The Color Boosts
– Premium Sharpness Presets
– Black & White Lightroom Presets
– Retro Presets
– Premium Winter Lightroom Presets V-1
– Premium Winter Lightroom Presets V-2
– Cinematic Presets
– Painting Presets V-2
– Light Preset
– Born Baby Lightroom Presets
– Pinhole Pro Lightroom Presets
– Glowing Preset-V1
– Painting Presets V-1
– Fashion Photography Pro Presets
– Premium Matte Effect


– Works on RAW. JPG & PNG
– Works on Video
– Professional & High Quality
– One Click Apply
– All presets have been tested with Adobe Lightroom CC